About Us

Çağ-Tek Doğa dostu aksesuarlar üretiyoruz

Cag-Tek Zamak Dugme, which was founded in Istanbul Caglayan in 1986, established an integrated facility in Gungoren Industry District in 1995 with the increase in its production capacity, and included coating and coloring business lines as well as manufacturing.

Production processes at Cag-Tek Zamak Dugme start with mold design and continue with product development and manufacturing. The whole process of production and machine track control are monitored in this integrated facility.

The main product groups consist of buttons, buckles, accessories, hooks, rings, stoppers, mufflers and labels. In addition to its in-house product development team, the company determines its products according to world trends and the demands of its business partners.

Cag-Tek Zamak Dugme appeals to brands that prefer to use metal accessories in their ready-to-wear collections and aim to make a difference with using of accessories. In addition to many corporate brands that it serves in Turkey, it exports to European and Eastern Bloc countries.

To serve sustainable manufacturing and the fashion cycle without leaving our environmental and nature sensitive production principles. To provide future generations with a livable nature and a developed innovative sector with our motto of ‘’Eco-friendly production’’.

    To be able to analyze the sector well with our young and dynamic team in line with our mission and to be an innovative and innovative integrated facility in addition to the world fashion in the field of product development.

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